What is CURRENT?

CURRENT Winnipeg will showcase the best in local sips, sounds, art and eats, and will be presented with our passion for quality, comfort and good design.


We love spending time outside in summer ... we also love sleeping in our own beds.


We love having a cold beverage in the sun with friends ... but not just anything. We want local craft beer, great cocktails with local spirits and a quality wine menu.


We love grabbing a quick bite ... and we want to enjoy the creativity of our local chefs without truck exhaust or generator hum.


We love hanging out with friends ... and then we love biking, walking, car-sharing or dancing back to our homes at the end of the night.


We love outdoor events ... and we want to show up in style. We don’t want to pull out the “clothes we don’t mind ruining” to enjoy the outdoors.

We believe that we don't have to compromise our preferences and tastes to spend a great weekend outside with friends.

At CURRENT, everyone is a VIP. The comforts go beyond what is offered by existing events and festivals in Manitoba. Sit on soft furnishings and eat in a beautifully designed food hall.


Enjoy basking in the sweet sounds of a favourite act with small-batch local beer and fine restaurant fare in hand, all with little-to-no-lineups, thanks to RFID technology and cashless wristbands


Participate in interactive art and activities surrounded by the beauty of Winnipeg’s most iconic skyline and popular urban meeting place, The Forks.

At CURRENT, everything is touched by Winnipeg tastemakers and style.

What We Have to Say

We are creating a summer weekend event that we want to attend: an event that gathers together a community of people who share our love and appreciation for our city. CURRENT creates an experience you can’t find anywhere else by compiling the best this city has to offer in one place, for one weekend, every year.


So, if you love Winnipeg, save yourself a plane ticket and hotel costs and make your next summer event experience a local one, in every sense. CURRENT is designed just for you.


CURRENT – To Winnipeg, With Love

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