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Even if you are not familiar with ethero events, you likely know at least some of the events we've been part of. From one of the world’s longest dining tables at Table for 1200 More; to art’s one-night stand (otherwise known as Nuit Blanche Winnipeg); to Winnipeg’s largest and longest-running outdoor event, the Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade; we've managed some incredible events!


After almost a decade of producing events for our beloved not-for-profit clients, we've been inspired to produce our very own events! CURRENT will satisfy a need in our city for design-forward, luxurious events to be enjoyed by likeminded, Winnipeg-positive people.

Monica is at her best surrounded by interesting people and beautiful decor, sneaking cheese from a charcuterie board with a sparkling drink in her hand. CURRENT's fearless leader and creative mind, she'll be event-day ready with a walkie-talkie in one hand and a champagne flute in the other. 

Monica Derksen B.Com(Hons)

Owner & Creative Director


Jocelyne knows a little bit about a lot of things, including everything that's wonderful about Winnipeg. Whether all dressed up networking with CEOs or all dressed down bobbing her head to hip hop karaoke, Jocelyne finds a connection with everyone she meets. She'll be easy to find the CURRENT crowd: half a shaved head and a mega-watt smile.

Jocelyne Nicolas

Operations Director

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Eric Olek

Art & Logistics