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National Siblings Day

For National Siblings Day I’m giving a shout-out to my older brother. If you're new here, you may not know that I formally started my event company, Ethero, with @cbderksen. We had always been our own kind of close but we had never worked together on anything other than painting a room. (might not do that again … lol)

In 2013 I had been doing events on my own for about a year but when we became roommates unexpectedly, we began to realize that we actually had complimentary skill sets when it came to work. So we became partners and incorporated. But not before spending the whole summer on patios brainstorming a business name … we were almost Purple Penguin Events, y’all, lol! Although that is still better than Derksen & Derksen Events (we are NOT accountants …) No doubt the hardest part of starting a business is finding a name that you agree on AND with an available url.

I always say he “legitimized” me! He did the legal, financial, IT, systems stuff and got us set up as a real business. We were at similar places in our lives and as roommates, siblings and business partners, we spent a lot of time together! People often asked how it was to work and live with a sibling and for us it was great. As adults in our 30’s, we were mature enough to know how to give each other space, and to have real conversations.

So when he got offered his dream internship in Africa (he has an undergrad degree in International Relations) and decided to leave Ethero, it was harder personally than professionally because he had set things up and I was able to take it all on with confidence. Since then he has moved to Victoria with his beautiful partner and they have given me a great get-away spot on the west coast.

Forever grateful for those wonderful 18 months that gave me confidence to grow the business.

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