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Cassidy Mann


Growing up in the Prairies, singer-songwriter Cassidy Mann has been singing since she could talk. Her parents bought her a guitar as a birthday present when she was 9. By 14, she started taking songwriting more seriously and her emerging talent led to a nomination for Aboriginal Recording of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards. Still, she felt uncertain about the next step.

“In my early teens I wasn’t sure what music was going to be to me,” she says. “I was writing and playing shows a lot but after high school I studied film for a while and worked in restaurants. I definitely meandered a bit before really deciding that this is what I was going to do.”

By entwining her acoustic roots with gentle electronic textures, Mann finds her true voice on “Election Night”, as well as her upcoming single “Stop A Heart”, both co-produced with Roman Clarke. As a lyricist, she often reshapes a small moment into a powerful and poetic song that feels both personal and relatable.

“I wrote this song about the exact moment when you know you have to end a relationship and then realizing that means you’re going to hurt another person in the process,” explains Mann. “There have been times where I’ve sat on that feeling for a while and tried to figure out how to minimize the damage but it’s just a form of procrastination. Heartbreak happens to everybody and you can’t control it, you just have to feel it and know that eventually it will pass”

Cassidy Mann
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