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Field Guide


Field Guide’s songwriting doesn’t leave you questioning what’s on his mind. It’s music formed from late night, love fueled nostalgia, seen through rose-coloured lenses.


Winnipeg is an interesting place. It’s cold, it’s cheap, and it’s responsible for more than its fair share of great bands and fine musicians. It’s a special thing when such a small, isolated place is chock full of phenomenal, genre spanning music.

Such is the case for Field Guide who spent his youth on the road with his high school best friends playing to no one and working at his craft. He paid his bills by being a guitar player for hire. All the while learning how to write songs that come across as honestly as journal entries, in essence, because they are.

After abruptly moving to a new city right before a global pandemic, Field Guide holed up in his Toronto apartment and did nothing but play guitar and write songs. In May 2020 he packed up a rental van and came back to the prairies to record an album that would go on to become two short EPs and his debut release, Make Peace With That. The last of these songs arrive this September on Birthday Cake.

A prolific artist, and never one to sit idle, Field Guide is busy putting the finishing touches on a reimagining of Coldplay’s seminal album, Parachutes, as well as working towards his sophomore release, to be recorded in Manitoba this fall, and released in 2022.

Field Guide
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