Luxury Lounge access is available to CURRENT+ pass-holders only. Who qualifies for CURRENT+? Our investors, sponsors and founders. Find out how you can get involved here.

With Luxury Lounge access you'll enjoy everything that general admission tickets provide and much more.


Luxury Lounge  Experience

Not interested in line-ups?

  • Separate fast lane festival entrance

  • Dedicated servers in the Lounge will take your food and bar orders and deliver directly to you

Want to try something special?

  • Unique bar offerings

    • Unique custom cocktails on the menu

  • Fun experiences by experts in the beer, wine and spirits industries including tastings and info sessions and more

Comfort and convenience includes:

  • Dedicated lounge area including tents and outdoor patio space

  • Soft furnishings, beautiful decor

  • Nomad Box Bar service

  • Premium, exclusive restrooms

  • Complimentary bag-check

Other perks include:

  • Pre-festival reception

  • Tote bags filled with gifts from our sponsors, vendors and supporters

  • Guaranteed seat at limited-seating auxiliary events

  • Complimentary custom festival water bottle or wine glass

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