Wristband FAQ

CURRENT Festival will be a cash-less festival. CURRENT will use a RFID wristband system for access to festival grounds and designated areas and for any payments onsite.


What can I expect with the RFID wristband process?

Brief Summary:

1. Receive wristband in the mail or pick up at pop-up Box Office. 

2. Pre-load money to wristband, if desired.

3. Bring to pop-up Box Office before the festival or Main Entrance during the festival.

4. Festival staff will check your ID, put on your wristband and activate it.

5. Enjoy easy, care-free tap payment all weekend long!

Detailed Outline:

Pre Event

  • Buy tickets online.

  • Get wristbands via mail approximately two weeks prior to event OR

  • Pick up at pop-up Box Office on-site from Tuesday - Thursday the week before the festival (August 9 - 11)

  • Register wristband online

    • You will receive details and a link in an email in July.

    • Create profile

    • Link RFID wristband to credit card and pre-load money (any unused amounts will be refunded following the festival)


    • Because CURRENT is an 18+ event, a festival staff person must first check your ID and activate your wristband

    • This can be done the first time you enter the festival gates OR​​

    • At the pop-up Box Office on-site from Monday - Thursday the week before the festival (August 8 - 11). Hours TBA.

During Event

  • Arrive at festival.

  • If you didn't come to the advance pop-up Box Office, the first time you enter the festival gates you will be ID’d and festival staff will put on your non-removable wristband.

    • Tap wristband at front gate and other access points for speedy entry.

    • Spend with cashless.

    • Check balance at any time online.

    • Reload at any time online. (any balance will be refunded following the festival)

Post Event

  • View transaction history​

  • Receive refund for any balance on your account

What does “cashless festival” mean?

CURRENT will use a RFID wristband system for access to festival grounds and designated areas and for any payments onsite. No physical "tickets" will be issued. You may also pay by credit card, if you prefer.

Using tap technology reduces lineups by 80% and ensures a smooth, efficient, VIP festival experience.

Why is CURRENT a cashless festival? 

Queue/Line-up management.

Cashless systems reduce line-up lines by 80% with faster identification and payment processing.

Because all payments are processed digitally there are fewer steps to follow onsite. There is no need to stand in drink ticket lines or find an ATM.

Increased security.

The cashless system is bank-grade secure. If a registered wristband is lost or stolen, it can immediately be deactivated and replaced without any lost credit.

Will I get a ticket to enter the festival?

No. Your wristband is your "ticket" to the festival. If you receive your wristband in the mail prior to the event, DO NOT TRY IT ON. The clasp slides one way and there is no way to remove it or loosen it without damaging the wristband. Your wristband MUST BE PUT ON BY A FESTIVAL STAFF PERSON.


How do I pay for food, drinks or merchandise?

You will pre-load money from a credit card to your wristband before attending the festival. You will tap to make a purchase and you will receive a full itemized statement following the event..

In addition to the wristbands, you may also pay by credit card.

Do I have to pre-load a set amount onto my wristband?

NO. You pre-register your credit card when you register your wristband and load a specific amount. The payment process is the same as a credit card (simply tap to pay) No unused drink tickets at the bottom of your purse and no need to worry about unused amounts … all balances will be refunded following the festival.

OR you can use your credit card for payment on-site.

Do I have to create a profile online if I'm just going to pay by credit card?

YES. Because the wristband is also required for access and identification, you are required to create a profile online. This allows us to link your specific contact info and benefits to your wristband. For example, if you have access to the Luxury Lounge, we will pre-load this benefit to your profile so all you have to do is tap the access point and you're in. OR if we decide to do a time-limited special at the Food Hall, we are able to send  a notification to anyone currently on-site. OR you can gift someone a t-shirt by adding a merchandise credit to their wristband. OR in the unfortunate situation of an emergency, we can quickly determine who is on-site and who may still be missing or in distress. OBVIOUSLY this is the worst case scenario but we want to be prepared to react quickly, if needed. Your security and safety are our top priority. 

How secure is my credit card information online?

We have partnered with a reputable company that has significant expertise in large festivals and entertainment venues. The cashless system is bank-grade secure.

What if I ordered more than one pass in the same transaction?

You will receive as many wristbands as passes ordered. You will then distribute the wristbands and send the link to register online. They will bring their ID and wristband to activate - either at the pop-up box-office or when they first arrive at the main gates on festival weekend. 


For eg:

I bought two weekend passes - one for my best friend, Meredith and one for me. I will get two wristbands in the mail/pick up on-site. I will give Meredith one wristband and the website link where she will create her online profile and link it to her credit card (unless I'm feeling REALLY generous and link it to mine ... not likely but also an option! Haha). Meredith will get her ID checked and her wristband activated at either the pop-up box-office at any time from August 9-11 or when she first shows up to the festival.

Will I be able to leave and re-enter the festival during the day?

Yes, you are able to come and go anytime. You will tap your wristband to get into the festival and again any time you leave. This will ensure a smooth, efficient re-entry. 

When should I expect to receive my wristbands?

At the time of purchase you will provide an email address and a mailing address. Since all orders are processed electronically, you should receive a confirmation email within 2-3 minutes. In July you will receive an email with the choice of having it shipped to the mailing address on your account or having it ready for pick-up at the pop-up box-office from August 9-11.

I purchased a full weekend pass; can I remove my wristband overnight?

NO. Wristbands are non-removable and non-transferable and must not be tampered with in any way. If you are a 3-day passholder, your 3-day wristband grants you admission for all three days. If you are a 1-day passholder, your 1-day wristband grants you admission on the day for which you purchased.

You must wear your wristband at all times at the festival. Do not cut off or remove your wristband until you leave the festival for the final time.

I lost my wristband. Can I get a new one?

MAYBE. Lost, stolen, damaged and tampered with wristbands will only be replaced at the discretion of festival staff and with valid ID. The wristband replacement fee is $50.