CURRENT Festival will be the first cashless festival in Manitoba. CURRENT will use a RFID wristband system for access to festival grounds and designated areas and for any payments onsite.

Wristband FAQs

What can I expect from the RFID wristband process?

  1. Pre-Event
    • Buy tickets online

    • Get wristbands via mail no later than two weeks prior to event

    • Register wristband online

      • In the months leading up to the festival, registration will open on our site for wristbands

      • Create a profile

      • Link RFID wristband to cashless account

      • Enable Auto-Top-Up

  2. During Event

    • Arrive at the festival. Tap your wristband at the front gate and other access points (e.g. VIP, backstage and volunteer entries) for speedy entry. The first time you enter the festival gates, you will be ID’d and given another wristband – this will ensure you will not be ID’d at the bars or on subsequent re-entry to festival grounds throughout the weekend

    • Spend with cashless

    • Check balance at any time online or onsite

    • Engage with the festival. For example:

      • Instant prize giveaways

      • Interactive games

      • Social media check-ins

      • Surveys and polling

      • Scavenger hunts

  3. Continue to engage with CURRENT and its partners, vendors, sponsors and artists. For example:
    • Sign up for custom targeted email communications

    • Receive exclusive downloadable content

    • In-store promotional offers

      • View transaction history

      • Plan for next year’s festival!


What does a “cashless festival” mean?

CURRENT will use a RFID wristband system for access to festival grounds and designated areas and for any payments onsite. No tickets will be issued.


Using tap technology reduces lineups by 80% and ensures a smooth, efficient, VIP festival experience. In addition to the wristbands, you may also pay by credit card or debit card, provided they have the tap function.


Why is CURRENT a cashless festival?

Queue/Line-up management.

Cashless systems reduce line-ups by 80% with faster identification and payment processing.


Because all payments are processed digitally, there are fewer steps to follow onsite. There is no need to stand in drink ticket lines or to find an ATM.


Increased security.

The cashless system is bank-grade secure. If a registered wristband is lost or stolen, it can immediately be deactivated and replaced without any lost credit.


Enhanced festival experience and participation.

Your wristband is registered to you, personally. As a result, you can participate in polls, games and various other interactive activities. This offers you a way to offer immediate feedback to festival organizers who can make same-day adjustments, if needed.


This reduces administrative requirements from festival vendors, allowing them to focus on what they do best: making food, serving drinks and serving you with a smile all weekend!


Will I get a ticket to enter the festival?

Your wristband is your ticket to the festival. When you receive your wristband in the mail prior to the event, do not try it on. The clasp slides one way and there is no way to remove it or loosen it without damaging the wristband.


How do I pay for food, drinks or merchandise?

You will pre-register a credit card online to link to your wristband before attending the festival. This will activate your festival access permission as well as your payments. You will tap to make a purchase and receive an email notification after every purchase.


In addition to the wristbands, you may also pay by credit card or debit card, provided they have the tap function.


Do I have to pre-load a set amount onto my wristband?

No. CURRENT uses a system that does not require a set amount to be pre-loaded. You pre-register your credit card and link it to your wristband. The payment process is the same (simply tap to pay) and you don’t have to worry about running out of a pre-loaded amount or having unspent money left over at the end of the festival. No unused drink tickets or need for refunds!


Will I be able to leave and re-enter the festival during the day?

Yes. You will tap your wristband to get into the festival and again any time you leave. This will ensure a smooth, efficient re-entry.


When should I expect to receive my wristband(s)?

At the time of purchase, you will provide an email address and a mailing address. Since all ticket orders are processed electronically, you should receive a confirmation email within 2-3 minutes. Festival credentials, wristbands, reserved seating lanyards, etc. will be mailed to the mailing address on your account 2 to 3 weeks prior to the festival.


I purchased a full weekend pass; can I remove my wristband overnight?

Wristbands are non-removable and non-transferable and must not be tampered with in any way. If you are a 3-day passholder, your 3-day wristband grants you admission for all three days. If you are a 1-day passholder, your 1-day wristband grants you admission on the day for which you purchased.


You must wear your wristband at all times at the festival. Do not cut off or remove your wristband until you leave the festival for the final time.


I lost my wristband. Can I get a new one?

Lost, stolen, damaged and tampered-with wristbands will only be replaced at the discretion of festival staff and with valid ID. The wristband replacement fee is $40.

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